Topshop, Oxford St





Lightscape consists of nearly 1000 glowing orbs of various sizes which sweep across the window, up along the ceiling and through into the store. Balanced upon gold powder coated steel rods reaching out from the floor, the orbs continue along the length of the window, flowing upwards at the side to meet and mirror orbs hanging from rods in the ceiling. The scheme extends across the store on the ground and lower ground floors as asymmetric ceiling clusters of orbs, hanging from rods suspended from 2m diameter mirror finish gold discs.


Each orb is formed from a semi-translucent white plastic, dramatically contrasting their gold surroundings. The orbs are lit from within by LEDs, accentuating their pure spherical form. Together, the orbs flash and pulse to various sequences which can be controlled and altered to reflect the different moods of the store. The scheme comes alive at dark, when the window emits a luxurious warm twinkle amplified by reflective gold mirror floor and ceiling finishes.