House of Muses – Museum of London

House of Muses – Museum of London






Museum of London



Shortlisted competition entry





Our proposal for the House of Muses takes the form of a spatial graph. It begins life as a neutral ‘core’ structure within the Museum of London. Visitors are asked a series of questions regarding their thoughts on the future of the museum. Gradually as the public visit the building and consider the questions being asked of them, opinions are formed and translated in to colourful, organic growths on the building’s façade.


The diversity of colours and shapes are representative of the diversity of opinion within the city. This is achieved through a simple task that the public are asked to take part in. Visitors vote for their answer to the multiple choice question by inflating a balloon of the appropriate colour. They then write their own idea or comment onto the balloon and clip it onto the façade from inside the building. The façade of the building becomes a constantly regenerating forest of data with thousands of brightly coloured latex balloons each representing a single person’s opinion.