Green Skies at the LEA

Green Skies at the LEA






London Enterprise Academy



Architect: Holt Architecture, Engineer: Price & Myers





This scheme developed for the London Enterprise Academy, developed in collaboration with Holt Architecture and Price and Myers Engineers, proposes an elevated ‘park in the sky’ for 11-16 year olds at this secondary school in Commercial Road, London.


It comprises the resurfacing of part of the ground floor car park and addition of two landscaped terraces between 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.


The concept arises out of a desire to blend natural forms & motifs with efficient man-made materials and construction. Coloured metal ‘stems’ grow out of the existing lower ground floor columns, fanning out towards the top to form petals that support the platforms and create a canopy over the ground floor entrance.


A border of live plants runs around the edges of the platforms contributing to biodiversity, reducing run-off and providing a potential learning resource. Integrated seating offers places for students to relax and eat their lunch.


The platforms are crowned with suspended planters with real trees. improving the aspect from classroom windows and offering shade during the hottest months when the sun is overhead.