Forged by Flame

Forged by Flame






Eastbourne Borough Council



Engineer: Cake Industries





Forged by Flame is formed from over 20,000 damaged two pence coins that were reclaimed from the ashes of the 2014 Eastbourne Pier Fire. It depicts a single elegant, tapering, twisting flame, a symbol not just of destruction but of creation, rebirth and hope. It will act as a symbol of renewal for the pier, the town, for residents and for visitors.


The 20,000 fire damaged 2p coins that Forged By Flame is constructed from are a fascinating and poignant relic of the events of 30 July 2014. Saved from the ashes of the fire, they are direct witnesses of the tragedy of that day but also of the joy that preceded it and the hope that followed. No longer of use as currency, these coins still have a great value as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.


Located close to the entrance of the pier, Forged By Flame’s strong silhouette and significant height will make it a recognisable landmark and a focal point on the beach for meeting and gathering. At night, lights mounted within the concrete base will illuminate the sculpture from within. The light will reflect off the copper coins through the gaps in their construction to create a dynamic, flickering glow, transforming the sculpture into a beacon that will be visible across the length of the seafront.