Unit 3 takes a trip to Woodchester Mansion

George King has begun his fourth year of teaching at the University of Greenwich. George leads the Unit 3 undergraduate studio with his former ZHA colleague Alex Bilton. The unit brief this year is titled ‘The Geography of Thought’ and will focus on the current shift in our relationships with cities and how we live work and connect with them. The year kicked off with a talk from the Director of Education at the Guggenhiem, New York who walked students through Rem Koolhaas’s current Countryside exhibition.
Following on from this the students all travelled to the countryside for  a site visit at Woodchester Mansion,  an unfinished Gothic revival mansion house in Woodchester, Gloucestershire. The 16 students were given a tour of the mansion by archivist Liz Davenport and had some hands on experience of stone masonry.
In the second half the year students will focus once again on the city, endeavouring to develop a new form of architecture that combines the best parts of the city and countryside.