George King Architects works within the disciplines of architecture, art and design to create unique and innovative work that unites these fields.

We view every new opportunity as an exciting challenge. We work without preconceptions to analyse each brief independently in order to ascertain its unique qualities, taking into consideration the social, environmental, economic and technological context. The result of this process is a unique and tailored design, remarkable and relevant in equal measure.

We are experts at balancing the functional with the beautiful, the tactile with the experiential. Our work is often designed to initiate an emotional response, to stop people in their tracks and to break the monotony of the everyday. We are deeply curious about how thoughtful design can make people feel, and the positive impact it can create.

Our team is experienced in producing commercial and residential buildings, interactive installations, sculptures and small artworks. We have an intimate knowledge of the processes involved when creating both large and small spaces, from concept design through to delivery.