George King Architects work within the disciplines of architecture, art, landscaping and design to create unique work that unites these fields. GKA‘s work combines innovative design processes with advanced fabrication techniques and expert craftsmanship to create works that are elegant, poetic, tactile and experiential.


We are a design led practice that specialises in finding innovative solutions to challenging sites and briefs. Our dedicated team is supported by a large network of specialist consultants and fabricators which allows us to work at a range of scales, from large works of architecture for public and private clients to bespoke furniture, sculptures and installations. Each of our projects share the same focus on quality and attention to detail in order to create a unique and enduring design solution for our client.


GKA is a highly collaborative studio and we enjoy working with other designers and architects. Our focus on design and our experience with complex geometries can bring a fresh approach and lend a new perspective to a project, allowing both parties to tackle exciting new challenges. We also love collaborating with professionals from outside the field of architecture to explore new ways of designing and making and to learn from each other.